The Imagination Database and, well...kittens...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh GAWD I'm doing a JJ! Not updating my journal for WEEKS on end, I'll NEVER be a proper emo at this rate. *Sigh* :p

So, now we have three cats...well, one cat and two new kittens, (aw, so cute! :D) KitKat, the seven month old psycho feline from Hell, is not, how shall we say, overly enamoured with newbies Hobbes and Milky (the latter of which JJ is alternating between calling 'Creamy' and 'Kiwi', leading to great confusion on the part of the aforementioned fluffball with regard to its identity and at present has designs on their elimination. So it's all fun, fun. Originally, we were only intending to get one new kitten, but aw, who could really be so heartless as to separate two such adorable furry friends? ^_______^ Actually, I chatted to Tracy from new webcomic Lackadaisy last night, on AIM about my potential new comic site, and she introduced me to the fabulous concept of the 'accidental acquisition' of more which I now intend to refer on many occassions in the future. :D

So yah, new website type thing...I am planning to create a webcomic wiki devoted entirely to the creative process, focusing mostly on collecting tutorials and, anyone who wants to help out, please let me know - either by submiting a tutorial to be considered for inclusion, or suggesting possible interview questions...and more information can be found on our comics forums. :D

*El gets bored with updating journal*

*El flies*

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The Hunt for El's Brain

Can only conclude it has gone, as there is no other possible explanation for El's current state of blank stupidity. If anyone would like to donate a brain they no longer use, please do get in touch.

In the meantime, the much favoured and occassionally honoured webcomic, of which El is the co-creator has MOVED! That's right, NO LONGER EXISTS. It succeeded it's bandwidth threefold, (for the six billion odd of you who haven't been reading,) and consequently big nasty things got very cross. So now it can be found at El went for the obvious when naming her new creation.

The new comic will soon begin updating at (El was on an imaginitive role when registering these sites, as you can see.) Meanwhile the old index pages will remain blissfully intact, hosting pretty and colourful redirection messages guiding you on your merry way across the net to the comic's new home.

El meanwhile is staring dazedly ahead trying to remember what she has to do next...what she did last...who she is...what place this is and, indeed, what the hell 'html' might mean.
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Broken News

Okay so, I know many of you have been wondering what all this flap is about the new webcomic. In short, it's a story the idea for which I first entertained in 1998 and that I began to write in 2002. It is now about 75% of its intended finished length and making it into a webcomic will give me the time to focus on finishing the book as well. Hopefully one day both will be read and enjoyed.

In addition to this, I've always had a very 'visual' imagination and the story has been wrestled onto the page by way of approximations, even Shakespeare conceded that words could never truly represent individual lives and emotions. I think making it a graphic novel will add an element of depth and realism, and of course JJ is renowned for his ability to create an atmosphere in an illustration, even a five minute scribble contrived from newly discovered brushes in photoshop. ;)

The story is entitled 'The Broken Mirror'. I'm not really sure which literary genre would accommodate it, suffice to say it is a dystopian romance novel, futuristic so with some arbitrary elements of sci fi and some fantasy. For those who follow the goings on at the Between Two Worlds forum, the first draft of the introduction has been posted on the 'Other World' board.

Between Two Worlds has now been completed in Finnish, leaving JJ with some free time to start working on this new project. The English and French versions of the comic will continue to update according to their current schedule, so don't worry, we're not going to do another Desert rocks on you. ;) (This guarantee is of course limited to the amount of time El can evade being completely devoured by her kitten. :p) In addition to this though, the new comic will begin within the next couple of weeks.

Onto a VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: pretty much our entire entourage of pretty pictures and errant ramblings (I assume full responsibility for the later… ;)) will be moving out of their current home very shortly; this is partly because we'd like a domain name more related to the creations it will host and mostly because we're now getting 2000 hits a day and our monthly bandwidth is three times the allowed limit...hence the call for something bigger and much, much more expensive. ;) If you enjoy our work, please do help us with these hosting costs if you can, by clicking the 'tipjar' on the top righthand side of the front page. We are grateful for even small donations and everyone who contributes will receive a bonus kiwi mini comic at Christmas.

So, if you feel so compelled, don't bookmark the new site yet, as it is in a temporary location. For all the existing comics, obviously the front pages will remain intact for the foreseeable future, so as to redirect all readers to the new sites.

Finally, this next comic WILL be written for publication, for those of you who have enquired the same relating to Desert Rocks and Between Two Worlds, depending of course on its popularity, hopefully in Finland and perhaps eventually in English as well; of course this means that the new comic will be available in Finnish as well as English; other languages will depend on whether fans show an interest in making a translation.

So, stay tuned and I hope you continue to enjoy our work. :)

- El.
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So here I am, complete with pretty earthy colours and an almost decent... layout. Feel WELL emo, having a blog. Which is odd, ironic and potentially a devastatingly destructive force should there occur any encounter between the aforementioned and even an imaginary manifestation of plain old reality...FOR I AM, to understate, not-all-that-emo-at-all-really. Furthermore, I could link some entirely hilarious emo-mocking videos from the gloriously diverse selection to be found on YueTube for the perusal of all my non-readers who will definitely not be viewing this journal yet because I am of course, a newbie. Besides which I lack the time and the inclination to mock those less fashion conscious than ourselves. Suffice to say it is September, for which I am thankful. June, July and August were all far too hot; September is nice and cool and as such my amicable mood extends to…well, everyone, as long as you don't hug me, as I will get (let's think prosaic, people,) all hot again.

Until I type again.

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JJ never updates his LJ...

So I've got my own, instead. :D Just a quick message to start so then I can go off and make it all look pretty... :D

Guess I am the writer after all. JJ has returned to DA, where for him it is most pleasant to be, so obviously there will be lots of new pictures very soon. ^______^
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